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Welcome back to another article of tactical airsoft offered to you by the Malta Tactical Airsoft Club, today we will be discussing fire team formations, this part of the article will go in conjunction with all the other squad information that can be found in previous articles. If you enjoy this article please press the +1 above.

Why use formations?

Formation is a tactical way of setting up your men when not being engaged, when patrolling, or when moving trough different areas and have no idea of enemy presence. Formations offer three (3) important aspects that one must remember:

- Security

- Flexibility

- Control


Formations provide a 360 degree coverage and security thus keeping the whole team safe from every direction, that is way it is important that every member knows their role. Formations also provide the ability to re-direct firepower as necessary with ease, speed and aggressiveness.


Not every formation is good in all areas, that is why one can find and adapt a different set of formation depending on the playing field conditions. Thus using the right formation allows for those trained members to react faster and properly than if you had all your team running around or using an incorrect formation.


Using the right formations will allow the players to maneuver properly both as a team and as individuals and also allows the players to follow more easily the orders of their leaders. It is important that fire team leaders are able to see their squad leaders and the members of their fire team. The formation is usually controlled with hand signals.

The Following are the basic formations used by fire teams in most of the areas:

Wedge Formation

This is the most basic and widely used formation, this formation is used mainly in open spaces and when the terrain allows a good visibility of all members. This formation allows a wide range of visibility thus will allow the team to protect itself effectively in case of an engagement

Wedge Formation

File Formation

This formation is mostly used in urban or very limited space terrains and when visibility makes it difficult for the team to spread out. This is mainly used in areas with high vegetation, night navigation, moving through dense fog and urban terrains. The file gives you less flexibility when compared to the wedge formation.

File Formation

Hope you enjoyed this new article, if so please press the +1 at the top of the page.

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